Houston Birth Photographer | Shiloh Grace

I briefly met Chelsea at a hospital in Pearland, Tx, on the day a friend of mine had her baby, Chelsea was her doula. Fast forward to a few months later, Chelsea contacts me and says she’s pregnant, she was doing a home birth and wanted photos. She was super excited about having birth photos and I was super excited to document her birth! This was Chelsea’s second baby. Her first delivery experience was quite something. She delivered her first baby at home by herself with the help of her husband.

Six days after her due date, I received a call from Chelsea at 5:35am. She sounded so calm, she let me know that she was dilated to 4cm so there was no rush at the moment. I live about 45 min (no traffic) away from Chelsea so “no rush” was a bit of a relief. After getting ready and getting my son taken care of I arrived at Chelsea’s house. By this time she was dilated to 7cm and sitting in the birthing pool, still so calm. I was so impressed with her! Her mom and husband by her side the entire time. She had beautiful birth affirmations on the wall. We were laughing and chitchatting in between contractions. Chelsea was snacking on chocolate covered strawberries. Such great energy in the home, everyone relaxed, everyone excited and I just kept thinking “This is what birth is suppose to be like! How I wish all women could experience birth, how I wish I had experienced mine.” I believe it is so important for mom to know she is doing exactly was she’s suppose to be doing, what her body tells her to do and at her own pace. Even through the waves, Chelsea was so focused, calm and in control. A contraction would come, the room would get quiet, she would close her eyes and just breathe. Midwife Shannon of A Sacred Journey and her team were amazing!!! Very attentive and at the same time giving mama her space.

At around 10am, Chelsea knew she was in the transition phase. “I want to be done” she said. It was almost time to meet her baby girl, she was so close. Minutes after, she began to push. She was incredibly powerful and strong and at 10:28am, baby Shiloh had arrived. Beautiful baby girl weighing 8lbs 8oz. Shortly after, big brother arrived to meet his baby sister. This was one of my favorite moments. He came in the room with flowers in his hands to give to mama. He was so curious about the brand new baby in the house. Baby Shiloh was being checked on the bed and he got on his tiptoes to look at his baby sister. I quickly snapped a photo and it is probably one of my favorites from that special day.

Chelsea, you’re absolutely incredible!