Houston Birth Photographer | Caroline Ruth | A Birth Story | Bliss Birth Center

It’s 11:45pm on Jan. 11, 2019, I am asleep when my phone goes off, half asleep I read a text “Looks like it’s go time!” I jump up, splash some water on my face, kiss my husband and son, grab my gear and head out the door! Filled with excitement, I no longer felt sleepy or tired, I was about to witness the miracle of life and boy was I excited! It was a 45min rainy drive to Bliss Birth Center where I would soon meet a brand new baby girl. I was just hoping I could make it in time. I did. :)

I arrive at Bliss and you could immediately feel the energy that filled this place, a sense of peace so great you could breathe it.

Where to begin with Elizabeth, so many words come to mind to describe her on that day, but 2 words stand out, she was so… peaceful & powerful! Through every breath, every single contraction she let go so gracefully and trusted her body to do what it was meant to do. I was amazed just watching her being so serene, yet so incredibly powerful. Her husband was so gentle with her, attentive and supportive.

What can I say about Trish?! On top of being the sweetest person, she is an amazing midwife! So calm, caring and encouraging. 

And then…it came time to push, I grabbed my camera and stood in a little corner of the room, chills all over me as Caroline entered the world in the most peaceful way. IT. WAS. A-MAZING! A perfect baby girl was born at 2:34am, love & tears filled the room. I can’t put into words how incredibly honored I felt to have witnessed such an intimate and special moment in their life.

To the beautiful mommy: Liz, thank you for trusting me and allowing me to capture your birth story. Woman, you are amazing!

Trish: Thank you for connecting us and making it all happen.

Here are a few of my favorite captures.