I am so excited to offer Santa photo sessions this year! Your child(ren) will experience a MAGICAL visit with Santa.

This isn’t your typical long line, fake beard, mall Santa experience. I will capture beautiful and timeless images of your child(ren) during this special holiday season.

This is an event a lot of my current clients are looking forward to so I expect these to sell out quickly. Please grab a spot if you know you want one before they sell out.


*Date & Location: November 2nd, 2019 in the Heights. Exact address will be shared in the 'Details' email upon booking.

*Sessions will be 4-5 minutes long, they will move at a fast pace, keeping the session short and sweet. The reason for this is NOT to rush you, but to get the best out of each child. Some children are good spending just one minute with Santa and some take a few minutes longer. I will take however long we need to create a collection of images up to my standards. This may be 1 minute or it may be 5 minutes. Please note that once a baby or child begins crying, they often are not able to recover, so I do my best to photograph quickly to give them the least amount of anxiety. I will try my best to get at least one tear-free photograph.

*A session includes up to 4 siblings. If you have more than 4 children, please schedule two sessions. You (both mom & dad) have the option to be included in ONE of the photos should you wish to have a family portrait with Santa. You MUST mention this prior to session if you and your spouse wish to be included in one photo. Please note that I can’t guarantee this shot if children are crying.

*Wardrobe styling is included. You will receive an email with styling tips and wardrobe ideas including some of my favorite vendors.

*The set up reflects my minimalist style. It will look exactly like the photo above, except it will be modern concrete floors.

*Please keep in mind that some kids LOVE Santa, but others NOT so much. I can’t control that. Sometimes children cry or don’t smile during the session and that’s totally okay! There really is NO way of bribing a child into liking Santa and if I see your child is too scared I will ask Santa to step out of the frame and proceed to take photos of your child and the simple set up. I promise you will look back at these images and they will become some of your favorites. Don’t stress, enjoy the experience, take a deep breath and have a laugh :)

*Plan to spend anywhere from 15-30 minutes total in the studio that day, as this is a large event and we try to keep things running as smoothly as possible, having each family sign in as they arrive and going in order. Snacks & drinks will be available during this time.

**Refunds and/or reshoots will NOT be given under any circumstances.